Casper bus services resume after winter storm disruption

Casper Area Transit faces phone line outage due to winter storm, causing inconvenience to passengers. Transit authorities assure minimal disruptions and provide temporary phone line for inquiries.

CASPER, WY – Casper Area Transit in Wyoming faced a setback due to a winter storm that led to a phone line outage. The office lines of the ASSIST and LINK services have been affected, causing inconvenience to regular commuters. However, a temporary number (307-259-3784) has been made available for the passengers to make necessary inquiries.

As per Transit Manager Scott Dresher, the regular phone lines will be up and working soon, and updates will be posted on the official website In the meantime, fixed-route services have resumed since Wednesday, April 5, at 12:30 p.m. However, commuters should expect delays in the services.

Impact on Services

The Yellow Route is expected to experience changes due to the outage. It will not cover Paradise Valley for the time being, and ASSIST (door-to-door) services will remain canceled. Commuters with scheduled rides for the same have been contacted and notified of the same. In such times, the transit authority requests the passengers to be patient and cooperate with them in making necessary adjustments.

It is not the first time the transit system has faced challenges. However, the authorities are well-equipped to handle such situations and ensure minimal disruptions in the services. The passengers can rely on them for safe and comfortable travel within the city.

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