Danville Transit System enhances customer service for passengers

Danville Transit System has implemented new upgrades, including bus stop signs and automated scheduling software, aimed at improving the passenger experience.

DANVILLE, VA – Danville Transit System has recently implemented customer service improvements for fixed routes and door-to-door passengers. These upgrades were made in response to feedback from passengers and are aimed at improving the overall passenger experience.

One of the main improvements is the installation of new bus stop signs along the fixed route network. These signs allow passengers to receive text messages with the estimated arrival time at each bus stop, making it easier for passengers to plan their journeys. The signs also have a QR code that passengers can scan to track the location of fixed-route buses in real-time.

The Transit System has also installed an 85-inch monitor at the Transfer Center that displays the tracking location of the fixed route buses. This will enable passengers to easily monitor the location of the buses and plan their journeys accordingly.

Another major improvement is the introduction of a new automated scheduling software system that allows passengers to schedule service independently via a mobile app and an online web portal. This will make it easier for passengers to schedule their trips, and reduce the need for phone calls and other manual processes.

Additionally, the Transit System has made modifications to the Glenwood Route, allowing passengers to receive on-demand service from all bus stop locations along the route to and from Danville Transit’s Transfer Center. Passengers using the Glenwood Route should call mass transit staff at 799-5144 one hour in advance to receive service.

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By Daniell Isaac Webdesigner on Viva City Digital Services
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